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Powerhouse Construction Company, a general building contractor, specializes in major multifamily residential repair and renovation. “Key to the company’s success,” according to Scott Keighley, “is our ability to deliver what our customers want.” This brand promise is attracting many HOA's , REITS and Property Managers, who value the company’s insights during project design and its expertise during construction.

Delivering Excellence



Powerhouse Contracting is dedicated and committed to protecting the safety and health of all its employees, consultants and subcontractors as well as utilizing the best safety practices to protect the environment. The company will abide by all Federal, State and local regulations to ensure that all compliance protocols are adhered to. Employees are provided training and resources to meet and/or exceed the safety standards. They are encouraged to participate with Safety Committee Meetings, Safety Training and Tailgate Meetings. The Safety Programs will be reviewed annually by the Safety Manager and all employees are encouraged to make suggestions for improvement and take ownership in the success of the program.

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Chad Keighley, Project Manager | Phone: 805-456-7890


Scott Keighley, Owner | Phone: 805-901-1047

James Pansy, Office Manager |

Phone: 805-765-6242

Scott Keighley founded Powerhouse Construction Company in 2006. He knew very early that he loved the building trade—in fact, it’s in his DNA. His father owned a construction company and was a well-known local builder and developer. Continuing this family tradition, Scott is committed to serving the city’s repair and renovation needs.


Chris Decker is the first point of contact for many of the HOA and property managers. He brings first class customer support along with the ability to manage his customer accounts with the utmost professionalism. Native to beautiful Southern California, Chris loves the beach and bbq tri-tip!

Chad Keighley, Project Manager | Phone: 805-901-1047

Chad Keighley resposibility is to define the scope of the project in collaboration with management and to create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences, resources (time, money, equipment, etc) needed to successfully complete the project. Chad is married and enjoys spending time with his son.


Beth G. Roberts, Human Resources |

Phone: 805-901-1047

Beth is responsible for overall leadership of Powerhouse Constructions Human Resources group including Learning, Talent Management, Compensation and Benefits. In addition, Beth provides senior leadership for the company's sustainability organization.


Cliff Sapp, Lead Estimator |

Phone: 530-215-5490

Mathew Jarnberg, Lead Forman |

Phone: 805-444-6587

Mathew is responsible for the planning , organizing and coordinating building projects from start to finish. He is responsible for budget, personnel, quality and customer service aspects. Management responsibilities involve directing personnel to do their jobs in order to complete the project.

Cliff is responsible for conceptual estimating, cost analysis, and estimate coordination. Duties include review of and development of discipline and multidiscipline material takeoffs (MTO), evaluation and/or development of construction labor rates and evaluation of subcontract cost estimates and proposals.


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